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Here will be a collection of links and information for you linked to our lessons.

Thursday 18th July

Vocabulary from Units 2 and 3 along with all the consolidation exercises can now be done, should you wish to do so. I gave you some consolidation and extension materials for describing the town.

This week we look at making purchases in the shops and items that you might like to buy...

Thursday 12th July

Last week we completed Chapter 2 and you were going to have a look at the En Pratique section on Page 38 and the Vocabulary on p39 for a quick test to see what you have retained.

We will look at the unit about holidays and towns - I will give you some extra reinforcement on towns.

Wednesday 4th July

This will consolidate family and move onto jobs

Here are some puzzles you might wish to have a go at in order to build your vocabulary.

Family and Pets

Jobs and Professions

Tuesday 26th June


Thursday 18th June

La famille

This section covers the theme of family and relationships it then leads onto jobs and careers.

Thursday 14th June

We established the level at which we are going to pitch our lessons.

We will base our studies, in the first instance, on the book Voilà Third Edition by Jacqueline Gonthier and Crispin Geoghegan.

Using my copy we covered the very basic elements of French - Saying Hello, Hi; Shaking hands and kissing greetings; Je m'appelle; Je suis; Voici; including various commonly found shops and buildings in an average French town; asking questions in their simplest form; Ça-va?; Je ne suis pas. We ended at page 17.


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