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Here you will find useful content from our meetings and useful links for further help

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Tuesday 4th February

Topic C and environment - Water & Forest Fires

Tuesday 14th January

We will continue to use topic C and look at some youth magazine articles on this theme.

Tuesday 10th December

We will sort out the final answers and record examples of them for Topic A and begin looking at Topic C Environmental issues

Tuesday 3rd December

We will finalise the answers for Topic A and look at some for Topic B

Tuesday 26th November

Hopefully you are ready with the Topic B questions - Personal and Social Life

These questions are ones I have not yet seen.

Tuesday 12th November

Hopefully you are ready with all of the model answers to Topic A.

We can work on any missing model answers.

If you are happy with your answers we can record the pronunciation of each model answer.

N.B. I am booked up on Tuesday 19th November.

Tuesday 5th November

We will prepare some model answers for your "Everyday Activities" speaking questions.

Hopefully you have done you own school day so we can use that to begin your weekend day...

Tuesday 15th October

We will look at Daily Routine in French. We will adapt a model to be able to discuss your daily routine.

This will provide some answers for your Topic A questions.

We will begin to prepare for these questions...

Here is the Daily Routine Model in case...

Some other Routine help...

A PowerPoint on routine

Tuesday 8th October

We looked at household chores and I gave you fairly detailed task about the French and their eating habits... You were going to do a review of English habits and food culture...

Tuesday 1st October

You were going to prepare something to speak (write) about your family. This is to form the basis of the answers to some of your questions, you may be asked in the Speaking exam, have to identify in the Listening and Reading exams or write about in the Writing exam.

You were going to bring your folder home and we could see what you are doing in school.

Tuesday 24th September

Today we will look at family and friends, pets and relationships.

We will go through some vocabulary exercises and useful phrases.

We will look at the International GCSE specification (in particular how the exam works)

The specification can be found here


Thursday 13th December

We will look at typical quantities in which food etc can be bought.

We will also look at Christmas celebrations in France at this time of year and how to talk about what you do at Christmas...

Thursday 29th November

We looked at household chores and how to talk about who does and doesn't do various chores around the house.

Here is the sheet on how to say who does and doesn't do various household chores...

Here is the vocabulary list from this topic

Thursday 22nd November

We will continue to look at the formation and use of the imperfect tense

We will look at how to talk about things in the past using the imperfect tense.

We will make a short presetnation about life in the 1970s... Nostalgie

This document reminds you how to form the Imperfect Tense

Thursday 15th November

We will begin to look at different houses including the concept of what there isn't... and introduce the past tense known as the Imperfect Tense which can be translated in many ways. It used to set a scene and to talk about things in the past that occurred over a long period of time. (...was/were or ... used to...)

Here is the worksheet on des maisons differentes

Here is a reminder of how to say I don't have any...

Thursday 8th November

As you had left a lot material in Scotland you were not ready last week to talk about your family, friends and pets, etc.

You should now be ready to do so, adding anything of use and interest. You should also be nearly ready to introduce your town. We will look at further information about the town and move on to giving directions and describing where things are in relation to each other.

Here is a PowerPoint for town and directions

Here is the directions match-up sheet

Here is the beat the mouse quiz PowerPoint

Here are some direction phrases

Thursday 1st November

You should be ready to speak about your family, friends and pets etc. you now need to add your town to this. If you are ready we can work on this, if not we can work on more phrases and information for the town theme. Some more help on this can be found under October 18th...

Thursday October 18th

The theme of town seems to be your next topic. You already have plenty of things you can work on related to family, friends, pets etc and anything we do about towns can form part of your next preparation.

A really simple way to open your town presentation (you need to adapt of course)

Here is the sheet on Chester

Here is the phrase sheet with many towns featured.

Here is the ppt about what can be done in a town

Thursday October 11th

We will look at a presentation based on the themes you have been looking at in class. If you have any particular theme or idea you need to work on, you should let me know, so we can have a look through my vast resource bank to see what material I already have.

Here is the crossword puzzle about family, pets etc.

Here is the basic starting point for talking about your family

Here is the anagram and wordsearch related to family

Here is the PowerPoint about my family

Thursday October 4th

The initial meeting is to establish what you feel you need help with the most and to establish what your school's programme for French is and what extra we can be doing to help you do your best.


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