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Portsmouth College Beginners Spring 2019 (Tuesdays)

Welcome to the blog for the Adult Education Beginner's Class at Portsmouth College.

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Radio Garden

is a good source of free internet radio. This one takes you directly to a radio station near Lannion in Brittany where I once lived.

I will use some materials from this coursebook

during the course. You might like to get a copy yourselves. Amazon sell it for between £10 and £15.

The next courses are now listed on the college website and can be found by going to this link

and clicking on the languages button. They seem to be lasting only 8 weeks and the improvers course is on Thursday evenings.

Tuesday March 26th 2019

This will be the final session

Tuesday March 19th 2019

Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Looking once more at shopping in French

* Buying gifts and clothing

* Talking about likes and dislikes

> You may wish to have any homework you’d like me to check ready to collect.

A worksheet which matches types of clothing with weather conditions

A worksheet to describe the colours of clothing

A glossary on the theme of describing clothes.

Tuesday March 12th 2019

Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Look at making polite requests in French

* Look at how to buy food in various quantities

* Look at shopping in French in general

> You may wish to have any homework you’d like me to check ready to collect.

A worksheet on quantities in French

A further worksheet on quantities in French

Buying food at a market

food shopping quantities

various practice exercises on food quantities

Tuesday March 5th 2019

Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Numbers and telephone number construction in France.

* Practise giving and receiving information on telephone numbers.

* Recap and reinforcement of the modules so far and the grammar therein.

A sheet detailing how numbers work can be found further down the blog on January 15th's post.

Tuesday February 26th 2019

Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Holidays in French.

* Describing local things and things to do.

* Talking about the weather

> You may wish to have any homework you’d like me to check ready to collect.

Here is a document about the weather

Here is a reading exercise about the weather

Here is a vocabulary list for talking about the weather

Here is an information poster about the weather

Here is a speaking document about the weather seasons and holidays

Tuesday February 12th 2019

Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Talking about jobs and professions

> You may wish to introduce yourselves, your own families and or talk about what there is in your town along with your profession and those of others (based on previous learning).

Here is a glossary to help talk about jobs and professions

Here is a crossword puzzle about jobs and professions (fixed)

Here is a matching exercise about jobs and professions

Next week is half term and the College is closed, so the next class will be on Tuesday February 26th

Tuesday February 5th 2019

Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Talking about where you come from

* Revision of the numbers from 1-20

* Revision of how to say what you do not have

* Further discussion about family and friends including nationalities.

> You may wish to describe your own families... (based on last week's handout)

You may wish to prepare to introduce yourselves, your family and friends and talk about your house and your town in French along with nationality if applicable.

Here is a puzzle revision sheet about countries and nationalities

Here is a PowerPoint about countries and languages (nationalities)

Here is a blank very basic CV

Tuesday January 29th 2019

In this lesson, we looked at the family in French. We looked at how to talk about family and a document was issued which would enable you to introduce and describe your or another family in French. This document cannot be uploaded here. However, here are some useful documents.

We also looked at some contemporary French bands and artists. A really good way of tuning your ear to French and improving your pronunciation is to find French music you like to listen to. Another of course is to listen to French Radio (which can be done for free through Radio Garden. It is also a good idea to watch TV broadcasts and films in French, perhaps with either English or French subtitles - English if you do not know the story, French if it is a film you have seem before and know the plot, this then really helps you learn phrases and words in contexts you are familiar with) - I have added links to some contemporary French Artists at the bottom of this page.

Here is the PowerPoint used to introduce many words in French for family members.

Here is

a puzzle about the family.

Here is a crossword about family and pets.

An Event of possible interest...

If you are interested in Portsmouth twin cities (Caen, France and Duisburg, Germany) I am the chair of the Twinning Association know as Portsmouth European Cities Twinning Committee. We are holding a Gala Event hosted by the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth in the Lord Mayor's Banqueting Suite at Portsmouth Guildhall on Friday, January 25th from 7pm with music from the Fine Voice Academy and Miss Becki Short, Quiz rounds, raffle (main prize is a return ticket for a car and up to 5 people on the Brittany Ferries Caen Route including cabins - worth anything up to £600 depending on when it is taken)

Further information on Portsmouth's Twin cities can be found at

Direct Link to Eventbrite here

Tuesday January 22nd 2019

According to the diary there is a football match on at Fratton park, so you may wish to allow extra time to arrive as traffic is usually really bad before the football match... you can check PFC match fixtures here


Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Formal and informal greetings

* Asking how people are

* Showing someone around town

> We may begin to look at Introducing family and friends...

> You may wish to show you can spell your names and the name of your street and town.

Here is the presentation about Caen.

Here is a phrase maker you can use to talk about your town

- You are supposed to launch a dice and then say/write what you throw...

> For extra work between now and next time, you may wish to present in French what there is in your town, village etc.

Tuesday January 15th 2019

This is the first lesson, you need to fill in and check your registration papers and I need to check identity - this should have been told to you on registration.

During this lesson we will look at what you already may know, basic greetings. Giving your name and we'll begin to learn the alphabet.

We'll discuss grammar points such as masculine and feminine nouns; Informal and formal register (tu and vous)

Here is a copy of the Numbers handout

Here is a copy of the days of the week poster

Here is a copy of the months poster

Here is copy of the of the Alphabet handout

Here is the 'How to write the date' handout

When you feel confident enough, why not join the Facebook Group 'French Speakers in Portsmouth'

to practise some more and meet some new people.

Some French musicians and bands of interest...

Mylène Farmer




M. Pokora



There are lots more too - explore YouTube - others watched links and find people you like...


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