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This blog post will serve to publish some useful links, files and other times for you while you study with me.

Items in blue and underlined will either download a document or take to a specific website.

A short easy to remember link is

You might end up wasting a fair bit of time here, but this website will navigate you to various streaming radio stations. For your purpose here you should navigate to French towns and cities and have a listen.

I think the current link takes you to a radio station in Portsmouth's Twin Town of Caen (not the best example of a Francophone station), but move the cursor to other French cities and you will find one you like...

Radio Garden Website

Friday August 2nd

A link to the biodiversity poster here

The Carrot Biodiversity Website

LCI Website Link

- Macron et la plastique...

Friday July 26th

We will look in a bit more detail at the past historic tense.

There are notes about the past historic tense here.

We will look at some close texts to help improve our listening abilities, in particular we will look at these songs.

Desireless - Voyage, voyage.

I did some translation a good while ago for Desireless on her website. Since then it has been updated by someone who does not speak English well!

Céline Dion - Le fils de Superman

This song tells a tragic story and Céline sings using the imperfect, perfect and past historic tenses (really unusual to hear the past historic tense in spoken word).

Friday July 19th

As Amy was absent we worked on a conversations and tenses. In particular an introduction to the literary tense known as the Past Historic and used only in written literature.

Friday July 12th

Amy worked on presentation about her jobs and studies and future plans.

Friday July 5th

We worked on various activities from Voici and from Façon de Parler 2.

Friday June 28th - You were in Paris

Friday June 21st

This document is a recap of tenses in French and how they are formed.

May 24th to June 14th we mainly focused on work in the Façon de Parler 2 and Voici Course books - including the theme of Francophonie.

Friday May 17th

Today we will work on talking about day to day life and touch on talking about what happened and what will happen..

Here is a worksheet that helps you talk about daily routine in three tenses

Here's an introductory PowerPoint about daily routine

Here is a more detailed PowerPoint about daily routine

Here is the model text about daily routine

This match up exercise is all about day to day chores

Friday May 10th

We will be looking at describing in more detail people, their personalities and what they are wearing. Lots of work on adjectives.

You were going to write a presentation about your personality for the new job bulletin

You have 20 items of clothing to find.

Here is a copy of the vocabulary listing for this topic.

Friday May 3rd

We looked at similar tasks to those in Façon de Parler in the book Voici.

You were going to write a little about owners of orange/yellow/beige cars.

Friday 26th April

We worked on conversations from the book Façon de parler and talked more about the formation of the various tenses in French.

Friday 19th April (Vendredi Saint)

Depending on if you have managed to source a book or not, we will look at something from one of those books and a little into Easter Celebrations in France.

We used the Façon de Parler as a basis for the discussion on the French language too.

We found that numbers in particular the higher numbers were a challenge.

We also found that the alphabet needed to be revised.

Here is the numbers sheet

Here is the alphabet sheet

The video below was the one with the ear worm style chorus, designed to help French children learn their alphabet.

Friday 12th April

In this lesson we established the best level to work at which is for you both B1/B2 (intermediate, with grammar overhaul when things become apparent).

We were going to base our work around either 'Voici' or 'Façon de Parler 2' or both, depending on which books you could source from Amazon.


One way of improving your French is to listen to and watch as much French as possible.

Finding singers and bands you like from the French speaking world can help...

Search YouTube - there is a lot on there...

Christine and the Queens is a French band, began in France before they managed to spread out even to the UK...

KYO a 90s band from Rouen who made a comeback a few years back.

Mylène Farmer is probably the biggest Francophone singer out there, whose career began around the same time as Madonna's. She is still very successful outside of the English speaking world. Holding the record for the biggest selling Francophone single ever and the most number one singles in France.

Zaz sings a wide variety of songs including modern and contemporary, but also has covered and released older 'classics'

There are so many more including a multitude of rappers!

For non-rappers, try: Shy'M, Keen'V, M. Pokora, Marc Lavoine, Renaud, Desireless, Louane, Patricia Kaas, Amel Bent, Calogero, Christophe Maé, Christophe Willem, Etienne Daho, Francis Cabrel, Patrick Bruel, Grégoire, Indila, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Joyce Jonathan, Najoua Belyzel. Navii, Raphaël, Vianney, William Sheller and Yseult....

All have a presence on YouTube and then of course there will be recommendations for more similar things down the side...


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