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Portsmouth College Beginners Autumn 2019

Welcome to the blog for the French Adult Education Beginner's Class at Portsmouth College.

Links are highlighted in blue bold and should take you to another webpage or download a resource to your computer.

An easier to remember link to this blog page is ...

Radio Garden is a good source of free internet radio. This one takes you directly to a radio station near Lannion in Brittany where I once lived.

I will use some materials from this coursebook during the course. You might like to get a copy yourselves. Amazon sell it for between £10 and £15. Some sellers will be selling a second hand copy too.

Listening to the news in French is a great way of learning vocabulary.

France 24 - France's equivalent of BBC News 24

News in slow French. - Some of their content requires a subscription.

French Speakers in Portsmouth now has a website.

I gave out the password in class.

The courses for next term are now visible on the Portsmouth College website.

For 2020...

This event may be of interest:

Tuesday 3 December.

This will be our final session - We will complete Chapter 4.

We will look at a Christmas Carol in French

We will look at Christmas Traditions in France.

The lyrics for the Christmas carol

Don't forget the French Christmas Market this coming Friday on Palmerston Road.

Tuesday 26 November.

Portsmouth FC are playing at home again ... Kick off 7:45 so there will be even more traffic than usual (again)

We will look at shopping in French.

We will look at common quantities in which food is purchased.

A document about quantities in French

A match up document about quantities

A dialogue set at a market

You might want to give this a try - a listening exercise based on the song - Voyage Voyage - by Desireless

Tuesday 19 November.

We will be talking telephone numbers and also revision and reinforcement of the weather.

Here is the Wordle image of the Higher Numbers

Tuesday 12 November.

We will revise what is in a town in French.

We will look at the weather in French.

We will look at all numbers in French once more.

We may get to work on talking telephone numbers.

A document about the weather

A further document about the weather

Another document about the weather

Tuesday 5 November.

We will look at marital status in French.

We will further reinforce the topic of family in French.

We will look at numbers up to 60.

We will also look at some common job titles in French.

Armistice 100 Poem - Au champ d'honneur - In Flanders Fields

A document about common jobs in French

Another document about common jobs in French

A puzzle about jobs

Tuesday 22nd October.

In this lesson, we looked at countries and nationalities on French. We used the relevant section of 'Voilà'.

A PowerPoint to help you remember countries & nationalities.

A worksheet to help you learn countries.

Tuesday 15th October.

In this lesson, we looked at the family in French. We looked at how to talk about family and a document was issued which would enable you to introduce and describe your or another family in French. This document cannot be uploaded here. However, here are some useful documents.

Family PowerPoint

Puzzle about family

Puzzle about family and pets

Tuesday 8th October.

Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Showing someone around town.

We will look at Portsmouth's twin city of Caen.

> We may begin to look at Introducing family and friends...

> You may wish to prepare to talk about your home (using the sheet from class)

Here is the PowerPoint about Caen

Here is the sheet with the phrases we used in class

Tuesday 1st October.

This lesson will take place at Admiral Lord Nelson School, as it is Open Evening at Portsmouth College.

Today loosely based on the coursebook 'Voilà' we will look at:

* Formal and informal greetings

* Asking how people are

* Showing someone around town

> We may begin to look at Introducing family and friends...

> You may wish to show you can spell your names and the name of your street and town.

Here is the days of the week poster

Here is the months of the year poster

This sheet was issued in class about 'How to write the date in French'.

> For extra work between now and next time, you may wish to present in French what there is in your town, village etc.

Here is the phrase maker I produced to introduce some typical places in a town (village)

Here is a PowerPoint I produced about Caen to write a bit more detail about your town (village)

Tuesday 24th September.

Today is administration. We will be checking your registration details and issuing i.d. cards.

We will look at reasons why you want to learn French and get to know everyone in the class a little.

We will learn the Alphabet in French and some of the numbers in French as it is a beginners class it is important to get to grips with some of these first.

To recap:

During this lesson we will look at what you already may know, basic greetings. Giving your name and we'll begin to learn the alphabet.

We'll discuss grammar points such as masculine and feminine nouns; Informal and formal register (tu and vous)

When you feel confident enough, why not join the Facebook Group 'French Speakers in Portsmouth' to practise some more and meet some new people. If you don't have Facebook send an email to to ask to be added to the bulletin of organised events.

Some resources will appear here:

This 'ear worm' song designed to teach French children their alphabet, will most certainly help you learn it and how to name the different letters correctly in French. Listen if you dare!


Not very many songs make it into the UK charts that are sung in French. However, there are many French-speaking singers. They are famous even beyond the borders of France, in countries such as Germany, Russia, Japan, Spain and Italy. Some are not even French, but come from Canada, West Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, The Indian Ocean, The West Indies

Thinking of those who did make it across to us, most only had one or two songs in our charts, unless they also sang in English. These are probably the most well known French songs I can think of... Many of these people are not one hit wonders overseas!

Alizée - moi, Lolita!

Céline Dion - Pour que tu m'aimes encore

Desireless - Voyage Voyage

Stromae - Alors on danse

Vanessa Paradis - Joe le Taxi

I will add some more lesser known in the UK artists shortly.


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