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Portsmouth College Improvers - Autumn 2019

Welcome to the blog for the Adult Education Improver's Class at Portsmouth College.

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Radio Garden

is a good source of free internet radio. This one takes you directly to a radio station near Lannion in Brittany where I once lived.

I will use some materials from this coursebook

during the course. You might like to get a copy yourselves. Amazon sell it for between £10 and £15.

It is also possible I will use materials from this book

aimed at intermediate learners.

French Speakers in Portsmouth now has a password protected website:

I gave you the password in class

Should you wish to sign up for the class next term, the listing is on the Portsmouth College website

Something else which may be of interest for 2020

Thursday 5th December

We will look at Christmas Traditions in French speaking countries and around the world.

We will look at some traditional French Christmas Songs including this one.

Don't forget the French Market which will be taking place in Palmerston Road, Southsea tomorrow from 9 to 5.

Thursday 28th November

We will continue to look at the future (l'avenir) with some ideas from Voici Chapter 5.

Chanson - Louane - L'avenir

Lyrics sheet with missing verbs can you get all the spellings correct?

Thursday 21st November

We will look at: The near future and the future tense using exercises from Voici Chapter 5.

We will look at the past present and the future using various grammar drills.

This song is highly recommended for tense study!

This is the lyric sheet I used in class

Thursday 14th November

We will look at: Using the news and real French to pick up new words and phrases.

The website I used was LCI

the news arm of France's Channel 1 known as TF1.

We will look at verb tables and how to read them. Always useful to have some verb tables for all the irregular verbs.

We also looked at avoir clauses this night.

Mentioned by Andrew Hunter, this link will take you to humorous song about how French English actually is: The French Br**x*t Song

Thursday 7th November

We will look at the formation of the future tense, the near future tense and the conditional tense.

We will look at the history of Loches, cité médiéval and comparing it to nowadays...

Collins Dictionary Notes on the Future Tense including the near future

Collins Dictionary Notes on the Conditional Tense

In Flanders Fields - PPT

In Flanders Fields Doc

In Flanders Fields Poem

Thursday 24th October

We revised the formation of the present and perfect tenses.

We looked at the formation of the imperfect tense and its use in French

We looked at the pluperfect tense and its use in French.

We used the book 'Voici' chapter on C'était le bon temps'

Collins Dictionary Notes on the Imperfect Tense

Collins Dictionary Notes on the Pluperfect Tense

Thursday 17th October

We will add the formation of reflexive verbs in the Perfect Tense and look into Historical and niche tourism in France, using the course book Voici.

Collins Dictionary Notes on the Perfect Tense

Thursday 10th October

Loosely based on the course Voici, we will continue to look at "C'était le bon temps!

Hier, aujourd'hui, demain"

We will continue to look at the tenses and use some exercises from Voici as elements to see if we can find and recognise those tenses.

Collins Dictionary Notes on the Present Tense

Où est ma tête - Pink Martini

Thursday 3rd October

Loosely based on the course Voici, we will begin to look at "C'était le bon temps!

Hier, aujourd'hui, demain"

This means we need to revise how tenses work...

We will look at the present tense of the three verb families.

We will look at how to produce regular past participles in these three families. We will also look at how to form one of the past tenses 'The Perfect Tense'

Thursday 26th September

This is the first lesson, you need to fill in and check your registration papers and I need to check identity - this should have been told to you on registration.

During this lesson we will look at what you already may know. You will do a varying difficulty attainment level test, this is just to give me an idea of your current level so I can better plan to 'improve' your attainment.

You will find resources I can share for the class on this page. Other materials which are copyright I cannot share here. From next week we will know how we are going to progress.


'French Speakers in Portsmouth'

When you feel confident enough, why not join the Facebook Group to practise some more and meet some new people.

Or email

Here are a few singers from la Francophonie:

Zaz - Tous les cris

Christine & The Queens - Christine

Mylène Farmer - XXL

KYO - Le Graal

Why not look for more French singers and bands on YouTube?

There are so many including a multitude of rappers!

For non-rappers, try: Shy'M, Keen'V, M. Pokora, Marc Lavoine, Renaud, Desireless, Louane, Patricia Kaas, Amel Bent, Calogero, Christophe Maé, Christophe Willem, Etienne Daho, Francis Cabrel, Patrick Bruel, Grégoire, Indila, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Joyce Jonathan, Najoua Belyzel. Navii, Raphaël, Vianney, William Sheller and Yseult....

All have a presence on YouTube and then of course there will be recommendations for more similar things down the side...


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