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Ei Aung - English Notes

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

This page is where some links and easy to access files can be found

An easy to remember link to this page is

Saturday 7th December

The lyrics sheet with missing words

Sunday 1st December

You will hopefully have your presentation with you.

To begin looking at the weather we will use a simple British Council


You asked about weather - below is a video with a LOT of useful words and phrases about the weather.

We will look at the weather today, but the video is here so you can always refer to it.

Saturday 23rd November

You were going to do a presentation, but you forgot to bring it.

We looked at directions in English.

We looked at some British traditions around the theme of Christmas Lights.

Saturday 16th November

We looked at directions

We looked at how to talk about smells and other senses.

This link will help you talk about smells

Saturday 9th November

You had some items about train travel to look at and prepare.

This is the link for the lesson on Guy Fawkes

This is the link to the Poppy Appeal Scotland Story

Saturday 2nd November

Everyday English Conversations


Buying Train Tickets

Saturday 26th October

We looked at the use of the verb 'get'.

We looked at the conditional tense.

Saturday 19th October

We looked at situations in the airport and other day to day situations.

Sunday 13th October

We looked at things English native speakers instinctively know.

Saturday 5th October

In this first session we looked at European Level B1 English Listening Skills.

We looked at a document about Portsmouth. We worked on pronunciation.


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