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This page is to gather some links and useful files for Pella Manuel's online tutoring sessions.

A free online resource for improving your French - Radio Garden

Watching the news in French is also a useful free resource.

Wednesday 23rd September 2020.

Collins Website Grammar regarding pronouns

Website which goes over tense formations

Online Quiz for relative pronouns

Wednesday 16th September 2020.

We will, as requested look into the Perfect tense and the Imperfect Tenses.

These 4 documents are worksheets 2 on the perfect and 2 on the imperfect tense, their formation and usage.

The Imperfect Tense
Download PPT • 88KB
PM Past tense chart
Download PDF • 171KB
The Perfect Tense
Download PDF • 36KB
The Imperfect Tense Overview
Download PDF • 266KB

This video is a typical example of talking how things were (used to be) using the imperfect tense and then about particular events in the past using the perfect tense.

This song mixes a lot of tenses... I have removed the verbs and therefore their various endings... can you fill them in correctly using the song (but not Google)? Play the video as often as you need (first time play through and listen, then pause and repeat to try and fill in the missing verb in the correct tense)

Particia Kaas JTQPT GAPS
Download PDF • 29KB

Wednesday 10th September 2020.

Today is getting to know what you need and what level you are working at/towards... This will help plan further lessons.

Newspaper clipping 1

The Word document below is from a local newspaper in Brittany called 'Le Trégor'

Coiffeur - Lannion
Download DOCX • 57KB

This one is from the Ouest France newspaper

Insolite en Dordogne
Download DOCX • 47KB

What level are you working at?

B1 French Reading
Download PDF • 310KB

The above file is from a German language school for French are at level B1. (right in the intermediate section) - Do this, without using reference materials. If it is too complex I can offer an A2 or an A1 paper.

These are the International Language Standards as explained by Cambridge University

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