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Google Classroom

This page will help you login to Google Classroom, if you are having any difficulties.

Click on the correct link for your Class:

Monday French Advanced Improvers

Tuesday French Beginners

Thursday French Improvers

This should open in either a new window in your browser or in a new tab...

Once there you will need to make sure you have logged in using your Portsmouth College e-mail and passcode.

Google Chrome is definitely the most compatible browser for this, but my up to date Mac works with Safari as well. I know people can get in using Microsoft Edge and Firefox too and it may be possible using Google Meet app, but I am not too sure of that (yet).

If you have already logged in under another gmail account, as I have - I have many gmail accounts for my personal email, business emails and the Uni, Portsmouth College...;

Click on the next button and it should give you a drop down arrow to either choose you Portsmouth College Account (if you have logged before and saved it) or to use another account. If you have not logged in using Portsmouth College before then you should click on the use an other account.

Click on the images below to see the full picture:

Once there, put in your email and passcode and you should see the Google Classroom page I have shown you in class at the college. The example here is for the Thursday Class for French Improvers:

Mondays and Tuesdays Class has a very similar look, but the image and links are different.

The way to the online classroom is in the picture frame at the top. It says 'meet link' and has an image of a camcorder next to it.

Once there you should see yourself in the window (rather than the rather cheesy staged image of me) and if anyone else is there, you'll see their names on the page instead of no-one else is here. (It ought to be possible for you to enter, even if no-one else is there)

If you still are stuck, I may be able to help, you can try to email me at my Portsmouth College email...

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