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Welcome - Bienvenue - Willkommen

Welcome to my Blog.

I am a freelance translator, interpreter, language teacher and tour guide.

Among my tour guiding affiliations is Portsmouth City Council Guiding Service, some of you my have found this blog through meeting me on a guided tour of Portsmouth.

In this blog I am collecting together information about Portsmouth and its surrounding areas for use in tours of this region.

As a volunteer member of Portsmouth-Caen Friendship Committee with Portsmouth City Council, I work to promote links between both cities, so eventually there may be posts on this blog which will feature the Caen region in Normandy.

Eventually as a speaker of German I would also like to be involved in the Portsmouth-Duisburg Twinning Association. With this in mind, it may be possible that pages will link to the Duisburg region in Germany too.

You will find information on tours I offer through Portsmouth Visitor Information Centre in this blog, along with other trips and excursions planned both here in Portsmouth for visitors from and to our twin towns in France and Germany.

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