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Improvers (French) - Thursdays - City of Portsmouth College

Updated: Apr 10

Although it will vary the main level of this class will be working towards the European Language Levels of A1 to B1. This is the equivalent of the minimum level required to apply for French citizenship (B1).

The main resources and ideas will be linked here.

The Google Classroom for our class is to be found here.


The next course (in the same vein as this course) will not be a repeat of things we have done before, although it is likely we will look at cultural events and many grammar points you may already have covered (depending on the make up of the class), but the themes will be different.

The courses for Summer are now online These summer courses last for 8 weeks instead of 10.

The dates for the Thursday evening classes after the Easter break are:

Thursday 5th May

Thursday 12th May

Thursday 19th May

Thursday 26th May

Half Term (Queen's Platinum Jubilee)

Thursday 9th June

Thursday 16th June

Thursday 23rd June

Thursday 30th June

>> Socials for French (to practise random speaking in a social environment) both online and in person happen in Portsmouth click here to see when <<

To help improve your listening and tune your ear to the sound of the language, you can use the many resources provided on the internet. There are a lot of free to air radio stations out there and this website helps you tune in to the free stations... France 24 en direct TV5 Monde

It is not expected that you should be totally familiar with and have mastered the ins and outs of French Grammar (We will spend a lot of time in the Improvers Class on this very thing).

We will look at some grammar as and when it comes up as an issue in this class, but Tense formation is something that will be a common feature.

For help with French tense formation, (and as a reference for if you are not sure about these verb endings), do look at the blog page created that takes you through, step by step French verb formation.

This blog page will help you find out how to get all those accents on your various devices.

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

Pâques - Lesson pack and Puzzle

Anyone want to present a little bit in French of anything to the rest of the group?

Anyone want to host someone from Caen June 3rd to 6th ? ?

Tomber en panne from l'internaute and vocabulary about the car.

Panne de voiture
Download PDF • 468KB


GAPS_Mylène Farmer - Ici bas
Download PDF • 30KB

GAPS_Les betises
Download PDF • 26KB

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

lundi, 21 mars - journée internationale de la poésie

Much of the resources are on Google Classroom

P&O Ferries

Thursday, March 10th, 2022

This class will take place on Google Classroom, as the college has an issue which means it must close early this week.

Link Here

You will need your college username and i.d. to participate.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Les candidats des présidentielles 2022

It is a very long article so we will have a look at the likely winners most talked about ones at the start.

Langue pratique pour des visites en France.

We will look at some useful vocabulary and phrases for accommodation to be found.

Nouveau Film sur Netflix UK en provenance de la France.

Série Policière

Walter Presents Channel 4

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer Missions

Thursday, February 17th, 2022

Les candidats des présidentielles 2022

It is a very long article so we will have a look at the likely winners most talked about ones at the start.

Au camping

Le mardi gras

Le passé canadien en chanson

Un peu d'humour

Seems a bit familiar?

Quite crude?

Thursday, February 10th, 2022

Open Evening at Tangier Campus - so online via Google Classroom.

(La Saint Valentin)

Entretien de la maison

Trouver des artisans pour les travaux domestiques... au lieu du bricolage.

Comment recevoir un devis pour les reparations de maison

Entretien de la maison

Grammar - The Imperfect Tense

Info ou Infox (Intox)?

Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Don't forget to check you can access Google Classroom for the lesson on February 10th.

Le rituel de la nourriture en France

La chandeleur

On mange des crêpes

Download P • 278KB

La France d'Outre-mer


Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Don't forget to check you can access Google Classroom for the lesson on February 10th.

Comment fonctionne la politique française?

Mangez au Café de Caen (unfussy menu)

Mangez au resto (Ouistreham)

La carte régionale agricole

La France Gourmande

Not to forget

La tripière d'Or à Caen


Thursday, January 20th, 2022

N.B. The lesson on Thursday February 10 coincides with an open evening on Tangier Campus. So, we can either have this lesson online at Google Classroom, or postpone the lesson until March 31st - Majority wins.

You may wish to speak a little more about your reasons for improving French, your last visit to France, your favourite author and music genres.

Ideas received so far for the rest of this class...

Reinforcing and consolidating French verb formations and their use.

Camping and camper vans,

Farming, Fishing and French Food,

French political system and and the Presidential Election,

The Revolution (I usually include this in June/July nearer the Bastille Day)

French wine and regions.

Practical Language for visits to France (speaking to gîte managers etc)

Ordering food and drink

Holiday activities and entry conditions...

French TV Series and Films viewable here in the UK.

We will revise the formation of the Present Tense with regular verbs in French and look at the three families of verbs in French. We may begin to look at the formation of reflexive verbs. This blog will help you remember grammar concerning verbs.


Les Migrants dans la Manche

Les élections présidentielles en France questions des enfants

Culture - Cinéma

Ouistreham - Sortie de la Semaine 10.01.2022

Ouistreham - NouvelObs

Culture - L'humour à la française

Is this the answer to the age old question, or simply lost Tory MP's items on holiday in France?

Jacques a dit...

Mot de pasee - You need quite a bit of French to get what's going on here ...

Culture et Grammaire

This particular song is full of verbs in different tenses. I have removed some of the verbs to study their formation.

The advanced group has had the whole lot removed to put back and remember the whole differences in their conjugation. By the end of this course, you ought to be able to spell correctly some of the verb endings you hear...

IMP_GAPS_Mickey 3D
Download PDF • 32KB


Thursday, January 13th, 2022

In the first lesson, we will look at what motivates you to improve your French, why you have signed up and what you are looking to get from the class (so I can best prepare the next 9 weeks!) It is also the way we can get to know each other (for any people who were not in this class before).

It would be useful if you can think of a few general themes and topics you would like to study. In particular any grammatical features you feel you need to improve on. I will otherwise choose various topics and items I find in my perusal of the Francophone internet and news.

Voici quelques questions:

Pourquoi voulez-vous améliorer votre français?

Parlez-nous de la dernière fois que vous êtes allé(e)s en France...

Qui est votre acteur/actrice préféré(e)?

Qu'est-ce que vous aimez en tant que musique?


Il y a un à Washington.

Les migrants entre la France et le Royaume Uni

Boris Johnson

La Covid-19 au Royaume Uni


La galette des rois

La prononciation...

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